April 3, 2013

Dreaded Optimization

Did you ever wonder why your brilliant scrolling algorithm causes a high cpu load for no apparent reason ? Why the scrolling is choppy ?
Then the cause of it might be a setting of the graphics card driver called "threaded optimization" for NVidia cards.
Just turn it off and enjoy smooth scrolling with almost no CPU load and most important: remember it after reinstalling the graphics card driver...

On my notebook (NVS 4200M), there is obviously another issue with the latest driver 311.35. The thread "optimization" is turned off, but still, the CPU load is significantly higer than with 310.90. After getting back to the old driver the load dropped down.

Addendum: After upgrading to a GTX 660 there are performance issues as well with the latest driver:
320.18: cpu load 25-30%
314.22: cpu load 5%

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